Planning to move out if India. Ideal would be get job opportunity in Australia. Any help ...

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    Is it urgent? Seems like an awful time to be moving
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    @alexbrooklyn mostly by year end I am planning.
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    What for?
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    @asgs didn’t understand u bro
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    @jayprakashstar why do you want to move to another country?
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    @asgs better life and wife wants leave India
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    Years ago (2012) we went through the process to get migration visas for Australia. One of the times having a degree was very useful. Avoid agents etc, who will just take your money, and apply direct.


    After 6 months we returned to the UK!
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    @nibor I have bachelors degree
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    I suppose that it will be nice if you will come to India with your own cow, hah
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    What nibor posted. Australia has a points-based immigration system. I you are young, have a degree, work in a profession that is sufficiently in demand, and speak a community language, you probably tick all the boxes, and the whole affair will be a question of submitting the paperwork, waiting a while, having an interview, paying some money, and moving over.
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