I have been messing up my commitments for a good chunk of my life because of one simple word:


And only realised it like 4 months ago.

I lived so far under the impression that it means 'complex' ( it actually means 'simple')

"This is a trivial task" : Me to my manager 2 years ago

"Sounds simple but is quite trivial" : Me to my project lead

Yes, I am ashamed.
A lot of fuck-ups suddenly make sense.

I realise how I have been 'under delivering' on a 'trivial' task.

This will haunt me for life!!

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    Uh oh
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    I'm guessing you've already told your management and team lead about this innocent misunderstanding, but if you haven't, definitely do.
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    @bahua *ex team lead and manager, might do it next time we catch up. This is so stupid that it's funny.
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    That's rough, and kind of a first. I've had to ween people off words like "obviously" and "trivial" in the sense that it may not be that to everyone else. But contextualizing it the opposite? Thank you for showing me something new 😊
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    Ha! That's rough, or as the young Stuxy would say: "oof"

    But hey, you learnt at least!
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    @SortOfTested You're welcome I guess. This has now made me little conscious of everything I say or read or do which is going good.

    The reason to share this post was to just put it out there, I was not able to cope with it myself over last few months. It sure helped

    @Jilano True that! Its the trivial things that matter ^^
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    We all make mistakes. It's pretty easy for a string of false positives to lead to a false conclusion. You saw the evidence and believed it, that's what matters 👍
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    Google and dictionaries.

    I made a similar mistake.

    I called a client uppity, only to find out later that it means self important, arrogant. I quickly stopped using the word.

    I originally thought it meant that they were upset or bothered by something.
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    I'm cringing so hard
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    Talked to former manager, this word was not an issue. Screw me right?

    He admitted to have given really difficult tasks with impossible deadlines and I admitted setting low time estimates on those tasks.

    All in all, everyone is stupid and has no idea what to do, yet.

    Overthinking FTW!!
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    Why would you use words you don't know the meaning of?
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    @fgysin "Right?! That's so egregious!"

    PS: It's because he thought he knew
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