The fact that there's only two characters between "run this job every 10 minutes" and "run this job every hour on the tenth minute" was the fix for the particular problem i just spent 5 hours on :facepalm:

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    Cron expressions are not readily understandable unless you have configured like 100s of jobs
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    @asgs i mean they're understandable, but looking through a file of 100+ crons to figure out which one isnt working is like needle in a haystack shit
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    Honestly so many bugs I deal with are due to typos caue I'm dumb
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    @olback one of the greatest resources, however it doesn't help when i have 100+ to look at
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    Most of the time… I copy large crontabs from the server, Import them into Excel / LibreofficeCalc or something like that.

    Alternatively you could use awk or cut (to extract the content) with grep / tail (to get the line).

    It's helpful, since yes. In such a large mess your brain is really too busy jumping back and forth between content.
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    @IntrusionCM never thought about the excel export, but yeah awk was my best friend with this. I honestly just got similarity fatigue from looking at the same symbols grouped together too much haha
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    @arcsector localc / excel can use any delimiter and merge multiple delimiters.

    The second option is to use fixed width and set each row "where it fits".

    It's pretty helpful when you have data arranged by delimiter or width and brain says no.
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