" Whenever we are stuck in a life situation, ask yourself 'what do i want in my life?' "

Yeah people are nice enough to give you this useless advice. I would rather like if someone showed me things that i "should be wanting" in my life :/

I had always been a member of a family where adjusting is a common practice. And now everything seems useless when we could simply "adjust"

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    Finding happiness, be it through purpose, meaning or otherwise, should be your goal.
    If an action does not bring you any closer than don't do it. If lazing around brings you some joy through relaxation and you don't jeopardise your future happiness, go for it.
    I know that this advice is not supper helpful, but after you find out what kind of happiness you want, it is easier to then decide what to do.
    Happiness could even be Coding if feel a sense of purpose or meaning in your work.
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    That doesn't last. There's pretty much no guide around for what you should be doing. Sadly (or not) enough there's no omnipotent oracle to tell you "here do xyz and you'll be good".

    Set a bunch of priorities and do whatever it takes to achieve them.
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