Every web app should be a progressive web app tbh.

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    In your dreams maybe, not in reality.
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    @010001111 Practically speaking, it would be very difficult to implement. But ideally, if someone is making a new web app, they might as well make it progressive.
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    Annnnd I know what the buzzword of the day is. Thanks. I could have done without that.
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    No. Every app should have no web in it.
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    The cache mgmt though...
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    Sometimes I'm actually annoyed by them. When adding to the homescreen, the user should be able to activate/deactivate PWA. Ex. Where I live the busses, metros, etc. All have their schedules on the company's website which is a PWA, but if I try to ex. Add the page with the bus scheduled for the bus closest to me to my home screen as a shortcut it doesn't work. If I open the PWA app it loads the main/start page not the specific schedule page!
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    @shakur Introducing that possibility as well as complying with all other requirements for a PWA. This will make the user experience a lot better with the option of installing the app either on the phone or the desktop.

    Dev.to is the perfect example.
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