There seems to be a market for custom 3D printer firmware, consulting and debugging. What should I charge for something like this? I live in Germany and this will be a side quest.

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    As much as they will pay.
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    @SortOfTested It seems to be a market like accessories for „audiophiles“. Some have spent three to four times as much on „upgrades“ as the initial value of their printer.
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    3D printing is a labor of love, but mostly of frustration.

    How much are you going to charge them to recommend hairspray as a fastener? How about the plexi case (or cardboard box) to block the dust?
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    That depends on your customer. If it's a hobbiest charge on the low side.
    If it's a company that makes money with 3D printing charge more.

    This is how you usually calculate your hourly rates: ("Cost of doing Business" + 15% Contingency if something goes wrong + Your desired profit margin + Your desired salary) divided by the hours you'll work (total per year) = your hourly rate.

    Cost of doing business = everything you need to do business. rent, electricity bill, laptop, hardware, subscriptions and licences, marketing and so on. You have to cover those costs or you do not have a viable business.

    Your competitive lever are contingency, profit, and salery.
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