Some 10 years ago when I was studying my associated degree at college, the academic program director came to our classroom and gave us a sheet to put down our emails to update our info.

So, as told everyone passed down the sheet and when he started reading it, he asked right away in public to my friend(his name is angel and academic program director will be APD):

APD: angel, is your email really as written? angel_y_danna_juntos_x_100_pre@hotmail.com (that roughly translates to angel_and_dana_forever_together@hotmail.com)

*everyone laughed*

Angel: *blushes* yes...

My friend by that time just started cyber-dating a girl called danna, so he was very corny about it... even created a new email account with that looong address

PS: just remembered this history because some new user called @thisnameAndthisname

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    That takes me back. Couldn't be more stereotypical if his profile picture were a bottle of vivaporu. 😆
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