Just discovered something really shady that Google does. (wow, how unexpected right!)

On YouTube, you can have multiple channels under one Google account. When you do so, you create a "brand account", which is a holdover from the Google Plus days - which has a different public-facing profile from your main Google account but you still sign in the same way.

When you create it, you have to tick a box that says "I understand I am creating a new Google Account with its own settings, including YouTube search and watch history".

Here's the kicker: this includes all your privacy settings like Ad Personalisation - they are all reset to the default (i.e. yes, oh baby give me that data *slurrp*)!

Hiding behind that seemingly boring "legalese" checkbox is some very nefarious behaviour.

Don't Be Evil ™

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    I really don't see how this is shady or even unexpected...
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    It says it right there. "New account with default settings"

    Surprisingly enough, most people wouldn't know what a default account looks like anymore.
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    Don’t see how that’s “evil” it’s summing it up pretty clearly.

    I don’t see a legitimate reason to inherit those settings. There are many people with many different reasons on what they want and don’t want.

    I’m calling this rant BS.
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    This is pretty good.
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    Sue them for missleading marketing and have some instant cash.
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