Customer: "Yeah we need <insert bonkers 12 step circular logic> to find a thing(s) in the database."

Me: "Ok let me diagram this out and I'll send it to you to review.... but man this seems like the 8th version of this we're doing right?"

Customer: "Yeah well <employee Y> says they can't do B, C without this."

Me: "Wait... can't they just <insert the most simple step in the history of time> in step A, and then later on they won't have to do all this hunting later? Like you have that data at step A right?"

Customer: "Yeah but <employee Y> doesn't want to do that."

Me: "She's your direct report ....."

Customer: "Yes...."

Me: "Ok.... I'll send you the diagram and the cost estimate...."

Whatever reason sometimes it is a bit draining coding madness compared to making things actually efficient / people's jobs easier...

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    That feels when all of the company's processes involve subjective metrics.
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    That sounds like a customer giving you a solution instead of a problem to solve. Why do they always try to guess for a solution instead of exposing their actual problem?

    It's often the difference between a single day fix that perfectly solves the problem, and a 3 months efforts to create an unstable workaround.
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    @Kaivo Indeed. To some extent coding around people is the job. At the same time if you're doing a ton of coding around people ... maybe we're coding it in the wrong spot / not doing it right ;)

    And frankly if someone REALLY wants to, they're not going to find the thing / can find issues.

    We've got a side effort to get this particular customer to reign in their people. They're paying us to do the work but long term unless they can get their people in line / better processes ... they won't be happy at some point.
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