So this is an funny one.
Im here enjoying some good music and coding.
Editing Marlin firmware (3D printer firmware).

I checked the code twice to be sure its ok as i had to have hands near the printer while its moving.

I apparently didnt check enough as i missed 1 if statement.
Making the printer to run at firmware allowed MAX speed.
I have my hands in there with piece of paper (For leveling)
I start it the function.
The nozzle was just in so perfect height that if i had my finger under it it would grab the skin and also burning it as it was at 215C.
How do i know so specifically ?
Well cause when i started the function that was what happened.
The printer moved very fast and i didnt react fast enough.
And to add to the injury as the axis was moving at nearly 900mm/s (Yes you read that correctly) i had to replace both the motor and stepper driver for the X axis.
If it didnt hit me it would be fine but as it hit me it tried to push more power to motor. Frying the stepper driver and the motor internals got fucked.

Also yes i was OK. It was just the top level skin layer and straight line only.
It just hurt a lot.

Now when doing something like this i wear gloves and also checking the code without my hands in there first.

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    Jesus... Good that it only graced ya.

    And yes, wearing gloves is a good idea.
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    What happened next did u fixed it...
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    @shivv of course I fixed the code
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    Quite literal the most painful code 😂 glad you're okay
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    Lol lol lol
    Did that with a industrial cnc a few times.
    Learned to never place my hands below the head, ever
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    First thing I did to my printer was to flash merlin :p
    Would never even try to change a line tough
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