What would you prefer... building website from scratch or working from an online site builder??

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    Hard code is fare
    Template makes us uncomfortable and feel us unfair😀
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    @perix2 true
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    online site builder? then you would no longer be a dev.
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    I always wonder why people call themselves devs but all they do is edit.. @itsmill3rtime
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    You mean creating a site builder?
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    @3ndriu its mean creating it USING site builder
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    Basicaly working from what a site builder provides to you @3ndriu
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    Depends. If I'm making something that I don't want to maintain for the next million years I usually develop the theme with code injections so that a client can at least update content.

    Plus I don't want to deal with setting up a form lol
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    I think you have a twisted idea if what hard coding means
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    Why so? Well For me.... developing the site from scratch or at least 85% of the work @DarkMukke
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