Leaking all recipients emails while broadcasting Privacy terms. #Irony

Just got this email. Retards of highest order, I tell you.

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    C l a s s i c
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    I made the mistake or buying a car at a particular dealership. Now every email they send me also goes to 10 other people with similar names, and all their emails on blast send their entire customer list in cc. And l would leave to sue them to get them to do anything about it.
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    Ok. Acknowledged.
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    It is interesting you bother to open such emails
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    @sudocode LMAO there is this crazy thing happened at my org due to one such idiot mistakingly replying all.

    I had made a post last time but just too lazy to type it again..
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    @Floydimus you honestly should reply all, and list your concerns. It'll very quickly highlight the problem.
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    @chabad360 and it happened again yesterday with one retard replying to everyone. The occurrence is more frequent than you think.

    On my last, I plan to do that. Lol
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