A recruiter landed in my LinkedIn inbox, I took pity and graciously provided my phone number so they could call me and beg me to leave my current job to join their company.. aaaaaand they don't call at the agreed upon time. Mate, you wanted me, not the other way around? 🤷🤭

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    One recruiter kept asking me for my CV and to fill a form, once she got what she wanted wooosh she disappeared 🤣
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    @FahadAlt this one doesn't even know my credentials yet haha, gave up early I guess
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    @Elyz lol, he/she keeping you for a better job opportunity
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    @FahadAlt doubt it, haha. It was for a student dev position 😅
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    Ah mate, you fell for it. Never do that.

    Never be nice to recruiters, unless they've proven themselves first by going out their way to find you a decent job, told you to shoot for a high salary, and been contactable, approachable and hassled on your behalf where necessary throughout the entire process. Those are rare - if you find one, save their contact details and use them again.

    The rest are glorified spam bots looking to make a quick buck, and will routinely (and usually automatically) mass spam linkedin accounts and email addresses, usually as nothing more than trying to prove to clients they have a massive array of potential contacts. When they've got your details, they no longer care - it's just another potential phone number on their spam list, or for really unscrupulous guys, to sell on.
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    @AlmondSauce I suppose, but I figured this was different as they were a recruiter for a specific company and not a contractor. They can sell my number and spam me though, hanging up isn't that hard and I'm the one with the upper hand lmao.
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    @Elyz We all do it - I made that mistake as well with an internal recruiter for... meh, I'll name drop, why not - Starling bank. Pretty much the same situation, assumed it was a decent company so the internal guy should be good. Grabbed details and fled.
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    @AlmondSauce oh well. Not my problem as long as my bills are paid. I already have a job so it's not like it was important to me lol. I'm more annoyed because it actually sounded like a student job I'd be interested in haha.
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    @AlmondSauce so true. I hate working with recruiters.
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