Hating on {LIBRARY} and telling people they are not real developers because they use {LIBRARY} = never cool

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    I think it's fine to point out deficiencies in a tool. Saying using that tool makes someone a "not real" (whatever that means) developer is a logical fallacy.
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    If you use cmath, you're not a real developer. You're a complex developer.
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    People who say “{LIBRARY} does not make you a real developer” is just a crybaby
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    If you use any library (or no library) to write working code, that you get paid for, then you’re a real developer. Simple.
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    Except for jQuery in 2020 of course.
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    I hate on CMake, but I have to respect devs who have to work with this shitty tool. Respect.
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    Only a bad carpenter blames his tools.

    I worked with CMake on a project some years ago. Finally getting it do what I wanted was quite the feeling. I had fun.
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    "I'm sorry that i dont want to implement AES encryption in my project from scratch!"
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    "I know all of these features already exist in the runtime, but I really don't like the names."
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    what?! you use {LIBRARY} ?! Jesus dude, get a degree or something. That's not even coding, at best you're a scriptkiddie. Fudge.. I can't... I can't even talk to you anymore peasant... I need to go... Don't talk to me ever again you trash, damn...
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    If you don't use punch cards you are not a real developer
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