Recently I've purchased a new laptop and so far it's working smoothly as I expected.

And yesterday I had a dream in which, laptop was got broken in the middle where the screen gets attached. And there was a last day for replacement as per return policy (idk really whether they allows if laptop got physical damage). But I was trying very hard to get the internet to submit a request for replacement and suddenly I woke up and very first I checked the laptop condition.

Anyway today I'll goto sleep and again will try to place replacement request for my laptop before date get expired.

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    @sk23ll well, I did not know about this.
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    Which brand..
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    happened to mine few months back. Both of the hinges broke, because someone in the design department thought it would be a brilliant idea to embed the threads into plastic, even though the back cover of the display assembly was aluminum..

    long story short, friend and i removed that dang plastic, punched some holes into the aluminum and put screws into it, to connect the back plate directly to the hinges. Works as intented and is even more stable than originally.

    The result isn't symmetric, but who gives a shit, as long as the machine works.
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    @thebiochemic why did u need to connect back plate to hinges directly? 360?
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    @kira the problem was, that i didnt really had another choice. You see on the image, that the hinge is directly attached to the backplate and the actual display (that you dont see, but it's on the left of that foil there) is attached with a different set of screws to that back plate aswell.

    Edit: That stuff on the picture is without all that covering plastic, for illustration purposes
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    @kira 👍👍
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