Our Risk team is making us enforce having an approved change record before teams can merge to master.

As in, people will get in trouble if they complete a merge of a pull request outside of an approved change window.

This, of course, is completely separate from the change record they'll need before they deploy the code anywhere...

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    I have no fear of these types of bureaucrats. If someone can't put a valid regulatory concern in front of me, I will ignore pointless paper controls and let them argue with my results.
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    It wasn't code related but I went through a system like that once where another department inserted themselves into a decision making / action / no action process.

    So we just went about our business and a ton of shit stacked up waiting on them.

    Angry management meeting occurred where they were "Why aren't you guys doing things?"

    We just noted that we did, but we were waiting on approval from other department to actually do it.

    Other department was now the villain and sales, management went after them for not doing their part / holding everyone up / not realizing how much work they would have. Admittedly, a few people spammed them a little ... but they weren't even responding to those.

    Process was changed pretty fast.

    Our approach was basically "You want in on this rodeo, fine..."
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    @SortOfTested that’s all well and good unless you work at a huge corporation where they’ll just fire you without blinking.
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    If you're the timid, hat in hand type keeping your head down all the time, sure. I've never been relieved of my position for any time I've made a command decision in the interest of the business, and I've worked for some of the largest companies on the planet.

    The trick is to never be wrong. No one argues with success.
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    @SortOfTested well I take it all back. You’re clearly more of a man than i’ll ever be.

    I bet your nickname at all these companies has been “Alpha Dog”.
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    Usually "that bitch," because our society is casually sexist (as is the basal assumption that assertiveness and logic are male characteristics), but sure. I reject the notion that you have to be a line tower to retain employment.
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    @SortOfTested well no point in debating it.

    You’d best get back to making “command decisions” (because that’s DEFINITELY how leaders at big companies refer to them) at the world’s biggest companies.

    Don’t waste time bickering with an insect like me. Billions of dollars are at stake!
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    What is it with DTC dwellers and passive aggressive condescension anyways? Is it just a Colorado thing or what?

    I mean, rather than try and have a conversation, you open with "you'll get fired at real companies for challenging policy." How do you expect someone to reply to that?
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