$ pkill zoom

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    sudo -p9 kill zoom
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    @ScribeOfGoD command not found: Sudo
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    @dder sudo apt install sudo

    .... Shit... Lol
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    Zoom is shady as hell.

    I do like the virtual background though 🤔 but since it’s zoom and they’re shady as 🦆 it makes me wonder where they got the training data for it.
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    @ScribeOfGoD I use arch.

    But anyway.
    Are you trying to do that :
    $ sudo pkill -9 zoom
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    @Root I don’t think you need too much training data for that. I mean even digital cameras in 2010 had face detection w/o HTML and AI and shit...

    And my i5 8gen seems to be not powerful enough to use virtual bg.
    And if I use it anyway, then it stutters and just annoys.

    Bottom line:
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    @dder basic algorithm for face detection is from 1901 so there was plenty of time to implement something. Zoom just “got lucky” ( paid for media articles - what ? ) and is now mainstream.
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    An absolute delight that my University paid for Teams but decided "naw we continue to use zoom next semester despite the shadiness" gg, uni. Proud of you.
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    @dder probably a Linux thing. I run virtual BG just fine on an i5 8250u on windows. Smooth af.
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    @RememberMe hm. May be.
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    @FrodoSwaggins did this before. Might do it again.

    Giving sysvinit a try for now.
    Or at least will once I get WiFi working again. It’s tremendous difficult to do without already having WiFi. 😕
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    @FrodoSwaggins @Root wut? Now i'm stuck. Append that to `pkill zoom`?
    What does that have to do with wifi?
    My wifi !juST weRkZz!!
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    @dder go dd your init, zoomypants.
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    Yep. Fucking zoom.
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    Why pkill if you can just run into the basement and pull the breaker for your room?
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    Get those insider skills, take down your section of the grid, just to be safe.
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    @SortOfTested why just your section? Take it all down, hold for ransom, use money to build ultimate pc, use remaining on windows 10 license /s lol
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