Three months into a new job, as a senior developer (12+ years experience) and updated an import application.

With one small update query that didn't account for a possible NULL value for a parameter, so it updated all 65 million records instead of the 15 that belonged to that user.

Took 3 people and 4 days to put all the data back to it's original state.

Went right back to using the old version of the apllication, still running 2 years later. It's spaghetti code from hell with sql jobs and multiple stored procedures creating dynamic SQL, but I'm never touching it again.

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    That's really fucked up...
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    I think always good to have spageti code in company project, it become somethings to talk when lunch break come.
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    Never gonna give it up.
    Never gonna let it down...

    Refactor that shit step by step until it becomes something vaguely resembling readable code.
    Then start refactoring it to make it maintainable.
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