Especially painful being a cybersecurity engineer;

Did something wrong with an if-statement.

Caused authentication to break completely; anyone could login as any user.

Was fixed veeeeeeery quickly 😅 (yes, was already live)

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    assume drop on all logins, unless sucessful
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    Code path splits are always something to fear for their immense "lurking bug to be found ten years in the future" potential.

    I often write code wich deliberately executes statements in all cases wich might also have been gated by a condition check.
    That often even makes the code less performent on average. But the increased likelihood of finding critical bugs early on is worth it for me.
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    No tests?
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    My heart was racing throughout the entire thing
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    @ArtOfBBQ for a personal project I doubt there will be tests ...

    Though I'm curious to know what was that bug and how simple was it to find it and exploit
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    @pxeger Beat me to it! I was going to post a link to that one...
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    @gitpush I don't recall except for the details I've given and no tests indeed, personal project
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    And this is why we do feature flags. We can turn that shit off fast when we need to.
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