Any suggestions on what i should be preparing for a junior android dev interview? There are a million things that i can count that i don't know, and i feel like i am going to get my ass handed to me when i give the interview tomorrow.

This company is so cool and successful, i won't say they are faang or some dream company, but i would love to work with them.

However i feel like this big big fraud when my knowledge comes to perspective. I never read those college topics(oop, threading, os, coding, db, etc) in much depth but i was eager to make new apps .

Usually the libraries handle most of the inner tasks these days and i was keen to learn their usage, but now these guys are definitely gonna ask me to build stuff from scratch and i am dead. if they ask me to code some fibonacci tree or or some other coding stuff, i am dead. if they ask any abstract shit like what's my purpose of living or where do i see myself stuff, i am dead. I AM SO FUCKING DEAD ;'(

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    how about that: dont worry.

    in my interviews, i always try to find out
    - has it "in the blood"
    - fits in the team
    - can learn

    practical knowledge (can build app from scratch etc.) is good but not as important as the above, even if you were best in your class, the things you learned are just maybe a 0.2 % fuck against what you WILL learn

    im talking about software engineering, software architecture, design patterns, solid, ci, .... and stuff

    people who can code apps from scratch are good, but thats not required. it's required to try and UNDERSTAND things

    most of the dudes that do interviews and that i talk to feel the same way

    when it takes some months or years to get you productive - they make sure those years pay out, that you are honest about yourself and that you want to make apps, and that you are willing to invest into self improvement.

    dont care if you can code a app. they KNOW you will take time. if you honestly can tell them the same you just wrote here, youre in
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    @devnulli thanks for sharing, your comment is like a nice cool lemonade on a hot day
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