I developed an app for a company when I was 19 years old freshly out of school, lead developer. When I was 20 a huge TV station in my country covered my app in a segment on how tax payer money was being wasted on stupid shit (I mean yeah lol). They found a super emberassing typo on the start page of the app that they then made fun of. Still haven't recovered from that one lol

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    "Dear TV nubs,

    I'm glad to think employing local engineers like myself is a waste of money. Thanks for the vote of confidence, hope your ratings tank and you're working delivery this time next year."
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    @SortOfTested I mean tbh it was a ridiculous waste of money. They criticized the government agency responsible for it more than the app anyway. I just thought it was funny that they roasted my typo live on air lmao
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    Governments do make-work projects constantly, I'm sure there were significantly greater wastes of money 😝
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    @N0ps Honestly, I understand the importance of free speech and the free press. The current "press" is not free speech and offers little to zero value. In fact its value is negative as it currently exists. So being criticized by those POS wastes of humanity it not necessarily a bad thing.
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    did you spell widht instead of width?
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    @Demolishun do you know about Austrian press?
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    @electrineer Are they better?
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    @electrineer The associated press.
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    @Demolishun I would imagine it's very different to US press
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