You know what's terrifying..? Colleagues randomly starting a physical fight..

Exception in thread "main" at line 1: you don't talk about
cannot find symbol: RmlnaHQgQ2x1Yg==
at you.do.not.talk.about.RmlnaHQgQ2x1Yg== (fc.java:2)
at someone.yells.stop.goes limp.taps out.the.fight.isOver(fc.java:3)
at only.two.guys.to.a.Fight(fc:java:4)
at one.fight.at.a.time.Fellas(fc.java:5)
at no.shirts.no.Shoes(fc.java:6)
at fights.will.go.on.as.long.as.they.have.To(fc.java:7)
caused by: if this is your first night at RmlnaHQgQ2x1Yg== .. you have to fight.

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    @FrodoSwaggins I wonder how many people realize the movie title in my code is Base64-encoded and they can easily decode it, lmao.
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