Oops, looks like "Benedict Cumberbatch" just broke your unrealistic design specs and spotlights your non-inclusive cognitive bias, designer. Maybe stop using "John Smith" as mock design data for users' names and design things for real people.

Developers should not be paying down your design debts. Fix this!

Sincerely, the UI developer doing your job

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    Yep, that is some webshit.
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    I like mashing on the keyboard for placeholder text.
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    Some other sins:

    - Designing UI for resolutions >= 2560.
    - Using colors that turns out to be almost invisible on customers shitty arse screen.
    - Designing something real crazy that will take forever to do on frontend.
    - Not designing around the idea that things get bigger or smaller under interaction (such as a textarea)
    - Incomplete design specs (what should the hover color be, what should a disabled button look like)
    - Using random static spacing (there should be 566px between the site logo and the menu button)
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    @theuser Or the (classic) crazy UX designs with shitloads of animation that requires MB of animation library code that destroys the performance of the site/app.
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    @Berkmann18 Yes indeed. I know jack shit about design courses, degrees and whatnot, but I feel like a lot of web designers have been trained in the mindset of infographics, which needless to say is very static in nature and is being displayed in a completely different medium than a screen.
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    @theuser I haven't been either although I tough myself that stuff alongside with what I got out of an HCI uni module.
    And I've been seeing YouTubers like Flux and some "web" designers produce and advocate for website designs that look are close to the death by PowerPoint but with animations and artistic styles that aren't trivial to do.

    Not sure about design bootcamps and schools as I've worked with too few that went down that route.
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