So last year i was competing in IT basics, school level went great so i went to state level. This is my first state competition ever and im really nervous, everyone is telling me things like "you've got the gift, don't worry" (by everyone i mean my mum) but i keep believing that everyone who went to the state level has a 'gift' for IT. So the competition is about to start and a guy next to me raises hand to ask a question and im like so nervous that he is going to ask something i dont understand or is too complicated for me. The guy fucking asks how to get past the login screen because he clicked on an admin account and it is requesting a password. The fucking guest account is right next to the admin account that he clicked on and i proceed to help him and i click on the guest account and he litteraly asks me "wow i didnt know that was possible". What the fuck. IT BASICS STATE LEVEL. DOSENT FUCKING KNOW HOW TO ENTER A GUEST ACCOUNT. Next on, the competition is over and we have to enter passwords to submit our online test so as i walk to exit the classroom i see a guy struggling and i ask him like dude you need to write a password and submit! Hes like umm yeah i know but umm you see... I dont know how to write a # (it was required as a password) .IT FUCKING BASICS STATE LEVEL.DOSENT KNOW HOW TO WRITE A '#'. Later on i got 8th place and the fucker who didnt know how to write # got 1st because he knew fucking exel questions that i didnt.

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    welcome to the difference between booksmarts and usable knowledge. I can't give you the real name of half the crap I use but I can use it better than 99% of the people that know the name
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    @jckimble me too. Booksmart people are really a waste of time
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    You are probably the booksmart type that spends an hour each day memorizing your keyboard layout. How else would you know where the # is?
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