"Why did you use this X"

I hate to answer this question . i used 'x' because:
1. <a valid reasoning comprising of a problem that i know x would solve> OR
2. i saw it in a repo being used/ someone popular saying it as best practice to use it, so i used it blindly OR
3. (mix of 1&2) : i once was stuck in a problem and tried to blindly add x to my project without understanding much about it but to check if adding x would solve my problem, and it did, so from that day on wards i started using x blindly OR
4. (just like 3 but even more lame) : I used x because i like it this way

My answer is usually 2,3 or 4. If i have to start answering 1st point, i think i have to go back my last 10 years of education and correct everything from scratch :'/ and maybe then i would realise there a lot of stuff or 'X' s that i don't really need to learn , since some 'k' thing can already do it ( eg, do we really need java, c, c++ when we could write a billion lines of code in assembly, do you really need react when you can do everything in html/css/js?)
( just trying to prove that having the 1st point as answer is not the always correct one,in a very shitty way)

Sometimes this follows an even worse "and not 'Y' ?" which is so much more terrible. If i had known both 'X' and 'Y' in depth, i would have been telling you about that without your additional question. I feel shit scared to answer "because i don't know 'Y' ", but that's all i got


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    Its fine to say you dont know anything about 'y' but you should take it as a challenge to learn about it :)
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    Because I know how to use X.
    I will accept any better solution Y, in the next iteration (which will never cone around).

    I once has a PR delayed by 4 days, because I moved part if the code from one package to another package (library private vs exported public). The PR reviewer did not "like" the change.
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    I hate ppl who do 2.

    Honestly, there is nothing against it, but you should first start to get at least a little grasp on _why_.

    Usually, doesn’t take much effort to research, hit him up, or ask the community in a slack channel or whatever.
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