I am so frustrated right now. An impossible deadline is assigned to me. I am tired man

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    Listen to some cool music, ease urself and get back to it
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    I’m sure you already did this - but my advice is just to be very up front with the PM that this will likely not meet the deadline and ask them ”whats the planB when we don’t meet the deadline? A partial release? Or just keep working until it’s done?”

    And make it clear that you can only do your 8 hours per day, you can’t work faster just cause there’s a time limit.

    Having a specific time when you leave work and giving a small status report before you leave is one way to make the PM understand how work is progressig each day, and get a feel for the pace.

    I fins that it helps to remove all expectations that a developer will work overtime when you give them a deadlin.
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