How to fuck up 45+ minutes of your life:

1) make sure you have a $4500 mac
2) download an image
3) realize its a webp
4) google "how to...."
5) brew install <whatever>
6) enjoy 45 minutes of your mac installing all sorts of fucking shit and recompiling the whole fucking planet with CPU at 100% and all apps lagging
7) ...?

I just wanted to convert a fucking image from webp to png or jpeg or even bmp. Without uploading it on some shit site because it's a scan of some confidential stuff.

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    Will gimp convert it?
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    FFmpeg does it as well
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    @SortOfTested this!

    For all the
    <"I have a image file and I'd like to" + action> problems - just throw some ImageMagick at it!
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    @EaZyCode theoretically a printer and a scanner combo does this too. :)
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    after 1 hour and a bit wasted trying to install any of the above, I took a screenshot of the webp and saved it as jpg.

    Took under 15 seconds.

    FUCK ME and all this stupid shit.

    FUCK computers. Fuck apple. fuck homebrew. fuck ffmpeg and gimp and imagemagick too.

    And this stupid mac is still hot despite having killed all the shit that homebrew spawned. And it's 40C here.
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    If you aren't the master of your OS:
    Make a photo from the image displayed on your desktop using your smartphone. Email or sync the JPEG to your desktop.
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    @010001111 "Without uploading it on some shit site because it's a scan of some confidential stuff."
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    @Demolishun shh, I’m taking the shits and overlooked that sentence
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    @010001111 Not gonna judge your methods, but I would recommend leaving the shits rather than taking them. To each their own...
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    @Demolishun I’m doing this for a greater good, you should recycle, too
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    Take a screenshot of the picture, save it as png, jpg, whatever...
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    Didn't think of some online converter?
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    For a moment it sounded like a Windows OS issue. :-)

    Reminds me of the great trouble I have getting a picture from my phone to my computer..
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    It only took ~45 min?
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    @M1sf3t I guess it would be some kind of metaphysical rocket science to have some code that detects when an user attempts to change a file extension and prompt to convert from whatever to whatever else. But we have a space station and quantum computers and AI. I am soooooo sick of all this crap.
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    The trick with homebrew is to have almost everything it holds already installed, so when the day comes you need any of it, then you just use it!
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