I wouldn't trust my money with Google with a ten foot pole.

But if they made a bank, damn would they do it right!

So many banks have such terrible security, no 2FA, awful UI and UX in their apps, and probably still run on COBOL from 1753.

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    (yes I know, that's not how to use the phrase "ten foot pole", but I cba to find a better wording)
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    Ads on teller machines **shudders**
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    Yep. Banks focus on making it easy and secure to get money into the bank, not out.
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    Of course they run battle-tested Cobol. Nobody would trust Java-Millennials to do it right.
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    To be fair, google wouldn’t be any worse for privacy than MasterCard. Hell, MasterCard sold google transaction data on millions of users.
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    @Demolishun *on POS terminal*
    "You can skip this as in 15 seconds..."
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    See that's the thing about Google, we all know they are evil.

    Yet when they do things, they do it absolutely right and it's just beyond me on how they can align such a massive workforce around the globe from different cultures and educational background to common vision and achieving the best.

    Or it's just that they try and fail more than rest of the crowd and we only see their success and not failures?

    Either ways, Google is the evil to be loved.
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    @theKarlisK I do find it funny how my Google keyboard auto-corrected 'AD' to 'as'... it only missed one 's' tho.
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    @Floydimus Google, that evil evil Corp that makes money on my data, employs 1000s of people, and provides relatively stable software I use on a daily basis.

    I miss the honest days of Yahoo, who wasn't evil, didn't make money (that's how you can tell they were not evil), and provided software that nearly everyone used, at the time.
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    @letanque this is debatable.. do you really want to dive into the rabbit hole and discuss?
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    @Floydimus nah, you're probably right, lol!

    Plus, it's Friday and I have some integration tests that need to be written, calling my name.
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    @letanque lmao you make me sound like an idiot. Haha no worries mate..

    Have fun writing test codes. I miss my tester days.. I am off to bed on other side of the blue ball..

    See you around :)
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    Inept evil is still evil 😋
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    @SortOfTested Ohhhh, like how my mom is.

    Maybe that's my problem, I'm too accepting of inept evil.

    All jokes aside, I might have just had a breakthrough.
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    As if COBOL was the only thing to worry about...

    My wife worked in several different banks, and you wouldn't BELIEVE the amount of manual processing (with pen and paper) that is rampant in everything they do.
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    I think that "bank," and "good" (as in non evil) isn't compatible....

    A non evil bank would be crushed by it's competitors. It just doesn't work like in fictional media where good always wins.

    And especially in Germany where a lot of banks exists, the newer ones aren't better in IT at all.... A lot of security breaches, eg N26.

    Finance and especially heavy buraucratic processes are extremely cumbersome.
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    @Floydimus Fun thing is that i definitely see where you're coming from!

    I used to use Google products with exactly that mindset until i realized I'd like to keep my basic human rights, not trade them for convenience :)

    But you use what you want to use!
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    2FA has, time and again, been demonstrated to be more of a burden and security risk than the benefits it is supposed to provide.
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    “They would do it right.”

    Ahaha. Have you actually used any of their shit? Their APIs are temperamental as fuck, have conflicting and outdated documentation, randomly work or don’t, and are more confusing than reading War and Peace sent through google translate sixteen times.

    Also, they would probably kill it out of the blue after two years, popular or not.

    Not to mention they would sell your transaction history to basically anyone that paid.
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    So half-ass it, never complete it, and discontinue it in a year or two?
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    @M1sf3t I disagree with the first part of the answer. They have the smartest people onboard with them. We think people might be unaware but everyone knows the ground reality.

    It's just that the anti-google/ms community lately has become bit ignorant that the information available to them is also available to others and people know such things happening.

    The difference is, others don't care because trade off is worth it while many might be lazy to step out of their comfort zone to explore alternatives.

    Folks like you and me try our best to keep off their radar.
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    @linuxxx selling data and intruding privacy is evil.

    But their products are definitely better than alternatives.

    I mean yes, at times the trade off I find is worth it. By hey! The host file thing I learned from you, I use it everyday and it's helpful :)

    @root lol end consumers don't see all that. They only care about their problem being addressed.

    Yes, killing products is a shit thing they do.
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    @M1sf3t yes. I agree.

    Attrition is very high in Google and for some reason I never understood that.
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    @M1sf3t However that's one of the many parameters and I wouldn't judge anything based one or two items.
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    > selling data and intruding privacy is evil.

    I'm afraid what I'm about to say is not going to be received well, but I disagree that selling data is inherently 'evil'. And if people valued their privacy, they would work harder to retain it.

    Our abstract possessions are not only 'rightfully' ours, they are resources. Our data has value, even if many people today give it away for pretty pictures, fancy pixel art, and the ability to find the closest McDonalds that's open at 3am.

    People used to think sex outside of marriage was evil. Some people think 'terrorist' are evil, and everyone from 'over there' is a terrorist. Selling data isn't evil, it's just poorly negotiated.

    I think the original idea to sell data as a business model was brilliant. I'd prefer a future where the exchange of abstract possessions was more transparent. But I don't think demonizing the practice helps us get there.
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    @letanque see now you speak from other side of the topic.

    Which is why I said that this topic is subjective and can be debated

    There is no right or wrong answer to this.

    And have been always telling it's up to the individual whether the trade off is worth is or not.
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    @M1sf3t T&C.

    They mention it during ads customisation setting too.

    Last when we had this mega thread where FrodoSwaggings made his master comment to end it all (lol I still have those screenshots because it was a good post).

    The idea was about awareness. Companies do mention it but people are not really much aware or take active steps to keep themselves upgraded.

    They frequently receive emails about privacy policy and T&C getting updated.

    How many of us actually go and read it? People just know that their data is being sold and complain. Ask them the details and they'll go blank.

    I am guilty of this too and not advocating the devil.

    One can clap only with two hands.
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    Haha, yeah, this morning I really wanted to discuss.

    I agree that it's subjective, totally. It's all about giving people the power of knowledge so that they know what it is they are trading.


    Yeah, I see your point. These shadowy organizations harvesting data from the world without anyone knowing their name doesn't help the problem, which is IMO, communication.

    The good news is that big privacy push was because of regular ole people like you and me. That and the the crypto wars and Snowden and Assange and all the other people who disclosed when those in power tried to stop them.
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    @M1sf3t yes.

    What you say is right and is called Dark UX.
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    @M1sf3t lol this is scarily true.

    Paying people enough to do the job and not question the authority.

    Media has been able to successfully brainwash us that whatever is being done, done for good
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    @Floydimus Google has a large cemetery of failed projects. https://gcemetery.co/
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    @diveloper I am aware about this link
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    Update: it appears Google is doing just this lol:

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