Been 5 months since I started programming, My first language was Javascript and the latter is C++.

I got into programming by accident. I actually wanted to do it for years but I've been outsourcing it to offshore for years. One day, Offshore dev didn't deliver what I actually ordered, and the task is complicated non-standard one, so I ran out of options, then I googled for NodeJS tut and iterated from there. Here I am.

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    To add, I've had programming concepts on my head for years. Some offshore devs told me I could be the best Dev they ever know but you know I had money and no interest on it.

    I took CS course on Python and I liked the language but slowly turned that like to hate for some reason, but either way I did learn the concepts.
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    Welcome to the club. A colleague of mine, I think, used to work administrative offshore (if that is a thing), but he was frustrated at how some parts of his work was very tedious (manual edits and so on), so he taught himself programming and built something that addressed his frustrations. The management liked it, and so it became a fairly large internal project with him as lead.
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