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    Do your parents pay for your servers?

    That's neat! I wish I had parents like that!

    I need to pay my own bills. :'(
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    Are Tom and the dog both lefties?
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    It might be cool that you actually have something to warrant using AWS, but it's kind of irresponsible wasting their money like this...
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    @Lor-inc looks like right hand but with a left hand grip for Tom

    I've gotta say tho, if you're going at it and one of you is left handed, you likely have an advantage lol I've fenced a little and the first "competitive" (as in non-training drill) match I had was against a left handed person and they kicked my ass lol
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    @Stuxnet It looks like a left hand to me, but twisted at a super weird angle, i.e. the palm almost facing left and still gripping the sword.
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