ICICI iMobile

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    Is this IndexedDB? I'm pretty sure Safari is the only one lacking tbh.
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    And still this one is the high rated banking app in India ^_^
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    What 🤣
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    @Lor-inc I know, but I am saying that in a prod app banking app 😆
    Devs on high
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    @Lor-inc is it safe to use DB at frontend side? I believe, banking app should rely on backend.
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    @xsid IndexedDB is a browser API designed to store large amounts of data on the client. It has nothing to do with security, it's just a client-side datastore, and a very useful one at that. (although I have no idea why a banking app would want to store more data than LocalStorage can handle.)
    Safari doesn't have it (and many other features) because Microsoft is pushing PWA, in part because it would make security easier. Security is a major selling point for Apple so they're trying to obstruct this effort without driving users away.
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