Not sure if this is against the rules (can’t find it) but taking the risk to post this here.
I’m android(kotlin/java) and Golang Developer looking for a remote job in any company. I’m really bored and tired of not doing anything daily.
Here’s my resume on google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/...

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    Half of LinkedIn is remote only atm. Hit up some recruiters.
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    Can you share a roadmap to be an android developer using kotlin only? 🥺 #Don'tMind
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    @chiraganand There not much difference between java and kotlin. I was a java developer initially, started kotlin by using the code converter to convert some codes I wrote in java to kotlin and then most kotlin I wrote looked very similar to java. So I started learning about helper functions in kotlin that weren’t available java and and those functions made android fun and easy. I spend some time reading the kotlin documentation, it’s so simple and interesting and it fun to see how they made simple things nested functions and thread readily easily accessible to android devs. so I basically learned how to write my java codes the ‘kotlin way’. I also advised other devs in my team to create new files in kotlin and slowly we converted the rest of the file till the whole project became kotlin. I don’t write Java anymore, can’t remember when last I did, I don’t see a reason to write java since I started kotlin.
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    @beansgum yeah i only learnt Java more than any other language in College and now i want to become an android developer. But don't know where to start as I don't want to stuck in tutorial loop of udemy or udacity.
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    @SortOfTested "How am I suppose to hit them if I'm so far away? I don't have any stick that long!"
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