For years I felt like an imposter for not rooting my smartphones, and not owning any raspbis. - Now finally I got an pi 4 and installed my so long desired pi-hole.

Quite disturbing that at least 30-40% of my traffic is known ad shit. Such an infestation.

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    What does rooting your phone have to do with anything.
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    @Stuxnet Well, getting rid of a stock ROM which is stuck on Android 6 could be considered standard dev procedure - but I am just too lazy to touch the running system.
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    @Stuxnet Customization, owning your system... etc
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    @linuxxx Homies is implying you're not a real dev until you root and that's stupid asf lol
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    @Stuxnet Oh lol i didn't get that, in that case, i agree 😄
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    Sadly YouTube ads are still hard to block with pihole :/
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    @Stuxnet It's hard to keep track of all the rules and shit to become a "real" something, eh

    @JhonDoe Thankfully uBlock Origin does that well
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    @Jilano oh good, will try that one. About browser based adblockers I just used adblock plus and switched to pihole because resources consumption
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