Hello, everybody,

I would like to support self-employed software developers in the future to increase their efficiency and at the same time attract their desired customers.
In order to be able to offer first-class support, I need an impression of the current problems in software development.
Therefore I am happy about every answer you can give me to the following questions.

What is currently holding you back most in development?
What is currently the biggest challenge with or at your customer?
Where do you see your biggest challenge as an self-employed software developer?
How much time do you invest in your further education?
Which techniques, working methods and/or principles do you already apply?

Briefly about me: I have been a software developer for 19 years out of passion. Starting as a hobby, I have made it my profession. I have spent many years developing system and technically driven solutions. I lost a lot of time until I actually developed on a professional level and therefore efficient, sustainable and process-oriented. Only 5 years ago I gained this knowledge and increased my efficiency in development enormously within a very short time. Since I myself lost a lot of time before I actually developed professionally, I would like to help you with this knowledge and increase the efficiency in your development.

I look forward to your answers and thank you in advance.

Kind regards

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    I'll give you some answers once I'm back at a computer! In my case it'll be about my field, cybersecurity, but it has a lot of overlap with sysadminning and programming!
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