Why all of a sudden there is a trend in gaming laptops to have a single big hinge in the middle instead of two on both sides?

Did I miss something? What are the advantages? Or is it just one of those fads that come, get mainstream and then pass?

Can't see much structural benefits with that tbh.

What's the point?

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    Less likely to break off.
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    Although the actual reason is probably just manufacturing costs.
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    It lets the force be applied throughout a bigger surface than 2 hinges. The issues is that people open their laptops grabbing the corner of the screen instead of the middle, and that puts all the strain on one hinge and the plastic around it.

    The center hinge allows you to open both from the corner and the middle as the force is applied to the entire hinge...

    It also looks cooler
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    @Hazarth I actually open my laptop from the center all the time, but not even because I'm thinking about that.
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    @kescherRant @Hazarth Sounds right! I was thinking more in terms of space for thermal vents but this is a more solid explaination.

    P.s. I open lid from corner but never had issues. Guess this is just an exception.
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    On second thought, It would make more business sense to not do changes that prolong life of the device. I had a 6 year old hp that outlasted my newly bought asus with the vent lines breaking off entirely.

    Guess some companies have different priorities for different lineups.

    (Asus cost 2x HP )
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    @FrodoSwaggins Hmm, legit, i mean look around

    *vaguely points at everything*
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    I wonder if the manufacturing processes are somewhat fixed before they even design the structure.
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    @M1sf3t Pretty sure you're talking about Pavilion x360. My sibling has that, and honestly its just pain disguised as a laptop.
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    Can say from experience, side pin hinges are significantly more fragile. I've seen so many break just due to normal use.
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    @M1sf3t Checked out tx1000, sums up the 90s pretty much! It has a dedicated DVD button as well, what more did we need? That hinge sure looks cool though.

    Easel is cool. The only issue I have with today's convertibles is when the keyboard goes behind and now you either

    1, have to place it on surface likely damaging your keyboard once the thin rubber pads wear out.

    2, hold it in your hands while you press random keys on the keyboard behind the screen. Feels weird.
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    @sudocode I haven't used a convertible in ages but the last one I had was one with a swiveling central hinge so you would twist the screen 180 degrees before folding it down. So the keyboard would press against the back of the screen instead of being exposed. If I ever buy a convertible again I'll definitely look for one like that. But these days I doubt I'd use it in tablet mode very much.
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    @M1sf3t mine lasted a few years, maybe because it wasn't HP. I think it might have been Lenovo? It was like fifteen years ago so I can't remember exactly.
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