I made a complete log of all my projects over nine years. Everything is here, from personal raspberry pi satellite to Möbius strip shaped WiFi router, from my own CPU to fucking html file that won me an award. Enjoy.


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    you have your own satellite orbiting in space? 😮
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    The idea of html over WebRTC i find cool. As they plan to switch VOIP from clunky SIP PBX to WebRTC. https://tools.ietf.org/html/...
    Why not use it as a replacement for http too?
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    @heyheni no. Every failed project has the failure reason in the table. The satellite has it too. It was just too hard to do or too expensive to pay someone to launch it for me. Piggybacks are also very expensive with space stuff
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    Good idea. I should probably organize my failed product.
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    @uyouthe if you still thinking about resurrecting that satellite project and you are in hungary or at least europe I might have someone that could piggyback your project for a reasonable price compared to the standards in the field.
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    That's really cool. My stuff was on 4gig pen drive. One day it's connector broke and ....me too 😔
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    @faptain I can probably rewire it. Gosh, anyone with a soldering iron can
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    @uyouthe this was 5-6 years back, I was also very much of a kid, so i simpy threw it away. A shitty mistake.
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