He wanted to hire me as CTO but insisted of defining architecture himself even though he admitted he has no tech background. He insisted that his CRM doesn’t even need backend because “we have database”. He was dysgraphc but completely ignored accessibility, including measures for dyslexic people. He called his product “startup” but denied that startups need to constantly validate ideas and denied the conception of a/b testing, offering no alternative.

He also wanted me to work for free.

Bruh you’re not a clown, you’re an entire circus.

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    Why did you even have a chat with him?
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    @asgs I have the “IT Quotes of the century” telegram channel and I need content
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    The guy can shove his idea of seeing IT product, hmmm how should I say...up their butt while drench themselves with napalm and light themselves on fire.

    These "entrepreneurs" and their way of thinking should be labeled as high level threats.
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    @Havoc45 the only efficient thing in their products is how fast their money fucking evaporates. Real FastCompany smh
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    @unclesam excel is good, but bigotry and ignorance aren’t
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