Manager returned from client installation and was very 'dissapointed' in the team that couldn't install a hardware device remotely over call while instructing the manager how to do it.

Let that sink in first..

Anyway, he called an 'urgent' meeting at 9 in the morning (office starts at 10),

Manager: We are going to change a few things around here. No more jargon, no more non-sense, proper requirements and proper procedure!

*All 7 of us be like 'Is this heaven? For real?' *

Manager then picks up a marker, goes to white board and writes 'H.V.P.D'

Manager: 'High Velocity Product Developement'

*Everyone facepalms *

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    I now pity people who had good and understanding managers/bosses, you guys missed a lot of fun!
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    @M1sf3t Yeah, followed by the usual inspiring shit, Next apple, google, etc etc

    Also, I see you nuked yourself? Why tho?
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    @M1sf3t Cool, mine's at 6666
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