I am absolutely pissed and I'll cover multiple topics today.

I am paid peanuts. Literal peanuts for the kind of experience I have, the knowledge I possess, and the skills I bring to the table.

I work over time with absolutely no perks whatsoever.

My biggest mistake was I stayed loyal to this absolute shit brand who just squeezed more and more out of me every single day.

I am sooooooo underpaid that even if I get a 250% raise, I'd still not reach market standards.

I absolutely fucking hate my employer with burning passion for I learned or earned nothing here.

What more? With lockdown and work from home, they have increased our workload.

Not just that, they take pride in saying that team is working hard and over time.

Moreover, my sub-team is low on workforce so burn outs are more frequent these days.

Now they brought in this boomer retard who claims to have 30 years of industry experience but is absolutely nut. The stinking pig with torturing capabilities that of 4th dimension.

That Cricket just cannot shut up. He talks and talks and talks and keeps talking.

If someone is talking, he'll start his own story and talk over them. Forget rudeness, he doesn't even know how to talk yet he'll talk.

If someone interrupts to mention that he's been talking for past 2 hours nonstop and time is over, he'll still continue talking.

The VP is pissed. The team is pissed. The almighty lord is pissed by his talking but retard still talks.

And in the end he'll put a disclaimer that he is new so learning and doesn't know anything about the product.

And then he'll talk some more.

For the sake of Gautama Buddha, stitch your filthy mouth and just stop.

Now we have these bi-weekly calls late at night. Everyone in the team already had screen time of 12 hours. We are mentally drained with no brain power left and this guys walks in full fresh ready to destroy our leftover souls.

People want to go for dinner. We have life outside laptop. Only if this idiot realises that he needs to stop.

Today he got on my every nerve and I dropped the call where every member of management was present.

The first thing tomorrow morning I'll be doing is either give him a sweet feedback or raise a concern with my manager.

Absolutely hating my situation and want to get out of this shite hole as soon as I can.

If you lack the ability to listen, be polite, or not respect other's boundaries/opinions then you can go and fuck yourself with a bamboo dipped in hot chocolate.

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    Jump ship! Interview elsewhere like crazy and only stay there as long as you absolutely have to. That's a toxic environment my friend.
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    This is absolutely pathetic, man

    I wish you a faster and smoother exit from that place
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    I don't know why, but when I hear the term "boomer" I get pissed. I am not even in that age group. I automatically detract IQ points from the person who uses it. Anybody else experience this?
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    @duckWit already have a good offer but stuck with this virus.

    New employer is kind enough to wait until borders open so let's hope for the best that things start moving this week.

    Been waiting with this offer since 4 months now.
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    @asgs yes yes.. I am looking forward to it. The night is darkest just before the dawn :)
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    @M1sf3t I don't know where else this applies, but talking like that on the job could get one fired now. My state has a law in place that makes it illegal to harass/discriminate people over 40. I don't know if this is a protected class nationwide. I know if someone started going around our workplace making derogatory comments about boomers that someone would take it to hr. We are not liberal org at all either.
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    Fucking this. I'm well past my 30s, and I still get old fuckers I work with assuming I'm in my 20s telling me things will improve when I'm done "paying my dues," assuming I'm the secretary, etc. ☚ī¸ "Boomer" men tend to be shitheads.
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    @Demolishun if that policy applies to not harassing anyone of any age group then the policy of paying to the brand standards also apply.

    Fuck my employer.
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    @SortOfTested why Boomer 'Men'?

    It's not that I am offended or anything but curious to what kind of creeps you work with..

    I have had an experience of both side of Boomers. Lol
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    @dfox bro wassup!! Been long man.. how have you been?

    Feels sooo good to be back here.

    BTW just noticed an issue you might already know but sharing it anyway.

    The 'Modify' should be 'Report' for me as I cannot Modify Sorted's comment, right?
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    Boomer women don't tend to be over me at work. Most women get run out of tech younger than I am in the US, I made the jump to running my own thing vs going into corporate management.
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    @SortOfTested makes sense.
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    Don't forget monied in, that's actually more common than fucked the boss.
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    @SortOfTested really? Bribery works?

    @M1sf3t I understand how fucked our systems our.
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    And honestly, I have heard this a lot (like in movies and jokes) about someone sleeping with their boss for promotion but never heard or seen any real life incidents.

    So I guess the bribe thingy must be true.
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    Or you're just someone's kid or come from a wealthy family. You don't hire Mukesh Ambani's daughter for her skills, for example.
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    đŸŋ lol
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    Yep. I left Texas for a reason. It's great if you're the slice of life it values.
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    @SortOfTested A bit of topic.
    I had a flight from Canada to SF with a stop in Dallas. I’m a smoker, so I went out for a smoke.
    Was not disappointed.
    People with guns everywhere near/ inside airport.
    Army recruitment posters every where
    Very large surfaces (Even compared to other US airports I visited)
    And : Best meat I ever got in a McDo. (Probably because juste beide there are like 2 steak houses).
    Interesting experience. I only stayed 4 hours, but kid of to visit for a weekend one day.
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    That's because locals can't afford education, so army is a good way out.

    Dallas, such Dallas. Dallas has no culture. It has two things: suburbanite corporatists and the poor. Everything has an admission cost. The first thing people ask is, "so what do you do?" as a sideline to asking "are you worth my time?" It's fucking, fake, and plastic and bland. It's like LA if all of LA were Orange County.

    If you're in IT, be prepared for your boss to be a 60 year old white man, or a mid 40s Indian dude. Either will beat on you, blame you for their mistakes and never promotes you. Inside of 10 year there will be no tech jobs for non-Indians in Dallas.
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    @M1sf3t I have my opinions about guns, but I usually don’t share them and I hate discussing it (Especially with American people, no offense) as it can end badly. On this point I just nod and smile :)

    I didn’t look for cigarettes as I already had.

    The fun moment was when TSA agent (seeing French Id) was trying to speak French. I smiled and said “merci”. Still no idea what he wanted to say
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    @SortOfTested For past 6 years, I don't have a boss (Have parthners). And I don't ever want to have a boss again
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    That's the way to be. Just remember golden hammers are better melted down and turned into cash 😘
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    @SortOfTested I’ll still this one from you ! I love this analogy.
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    @M1sf3t No worries ;p
    Oh site idea !
    That could be big. I’m trademarking it

    Edit : domain is avalible !
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    @M1sf3t I'll start

    Today I was cleaning my PC
    But as I was drunk during this procedure, I lost 3 screws and now my hard drive is holding with 1 screw.
    Damn you manufacturers for not using friendly clipping !

    (Edit, I actually didn't put this screw, the SSD is just hanging by SATA cable lol)
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    @M1sf3t Closest store to get these screws is like 10 minutes away by foot. Too far for me ;p That’s why I pay higher for apartment : 30 seconds to subway.
    I can spend 10 hours coding. But 10 min walk to the store : NAAAAAAAAAAAN
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    @Floydimus I believe that it is in particular since most men that also happen to be boomers are basically in positions of power. My boss for example is a boomer man, and as much as i like the man and overall consider him a good leader I would still see the boomerness creep out from him from time to time.
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    Bro I really hope your situation gets better for you :( I know (and certainly do many others) that our boy here has got knowledge, talent and passion, and it really pains me to hear that your current workplace is fucking that up for you.

    I hope that we get to remember these bitter moments as just past events into a better life and work environment for you.
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    @Demolishun one of my employees hates it when we say "ok boomer" to him. Dude is constantly trolling another one of my guys as well as myself, we all have a very friendly relationship with each other, weekend bbqs and what not, the ocassional beer while watching the Rangers get their ass kicked and all of that good shit.

    But the trolling kinda gets back at him when one of us just goes "ok boomer" because we are not calling him an old man, he is certainly older than all of us, but not a boomer by age standards. Calling someone a boomer can be either because of the age, the mentality (which i believe to be the most important target of the insult) or a combination of both.

    I personally like the insult.
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    @Floydimus that’s a ui bug, it should say report, but won’t let you edit anyway.
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    Hey, no laughing at his disability 😋
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    @AleCx04 that's the point, this boomer guy is not my manager or even senior.

    He is of my level or even below me even after working in the field for 30 years.
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    @AleCx04 thank you brother for your kind words.

    Waking up and reading such lovely comment makes me feel grateful of having friends like you.
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    @SortOfTested lol didn't know Ambani is so known everywhere.

    Yes, it's about who you know and your contacts.
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    I always try to tailor my message to my audience. 😋
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    @SortOfTested I understand that as I do that too.

    Helps to connect with the TG on personal level. Nicely done.
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    Holy shit! I can’t relate because I’m still a teen and without a job but I would suggest you to leave this job and find another one. You’re underpaid and mindfucked? Nah ah. I would suggest you to interview somewhere else.

    Best of luck dude!
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    @OmerFlame Thanks bro.

    I already have a good offer since April but unable to join due to pandemic as international borders are closed.

    Hoping for the best that things resolve soon. Time is running out and I am doing my best to keep up.
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    @Floydimus man, this sounds really hard.

    As soon as the pandemic stops / restrictions loosen up, get out of there ASAP. You seem to be suffering there big time.
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    @OmerFlame Yes.

    Suffering big time as this low paying toxic shit is causing anxieties as I am not valued at all here.

    The employer and this country I am born is absolute gutter.
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    @Floydimus always man! <3
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    Anonymously leave him a ball gag on his desk, wrapped up in a nice bow. 😇

    Or just ship it to him (anonymously) if everyone is remote. Might get the point across.
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    @Root lol

    He'd love it.
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