Fuck, the gas spring in my ergo knee stool at home has given up. Now it's in the lowest position, not that ergo anymore, which also tore the rubber gaiter on the spring piston. On top of that, the seat cover is so worn out that I had to duct tape it so that the filling doesn't crumble out too much.

That thing is 20 years old, and the manufacturer discontinued the product years ago. Buy a new one? Noooo. Modern quality would be worse. So I ordered a generic gas spring, let's see whether I can install it, plus a moped fork gaiter. And then hire some professional upholsterer to finally get a luxury leather cover.

That will likely still be cheaper than buying the closest modern product that is even in a similar class.

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    Just pop the Mercedes rear end off a dodge Challenger, weld it on there and you're good to go 😘
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    I’m deciding to whether comment “that’s the most boring thing I heard all year” or “why don’t you sit on my black fat cock”.

    Jk, looking forward to the follow up, with pictures I hope.
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    @jesustricks No pics because I'm a lazy ranter, but the update on the gas spring:

    It was tight when it shouldn't be, so the standard engineering chart advised WD-40. Tried heating up the bearing and cooling down the gas spring. Used a hammer. Used gaspipe pliers. THE FUCK, nothing worked!

    Used more WD-40, and stood with my foot on the pliers. Shit turned! But it didn't come out.

    Used the gas pliers to turn the gas spring and my legs to press upper and lower seat part apart. Veeery slowly, it came off!

    But the best thing: the height mechanic itself is still OK, so the new gas spring worked. The seat cover it utterly worn out and looks like garbage, but functionally, it's OK, so re-working it will pay off.
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    @jesustricks So, there it is, see the attached picture. 20 EUR for the new gas pressure spring, 240 EUR for fresh upholstery including the foam filling. The cover is in black leather now, more luxurious than it ever was.

    The closest product currently on the market is the Varier Wing Balans which comes at about 900 EUR for the leather version: https://varierfurniture.com/en_de/...

    260 EUR for the overhaul vs. 900 EUR for buying new - that's a deal, isn't it?
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    @Fast-Nop it is and it looks great
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    @jesustricks Thanks! :-) The leather looks a bit greyish, but that will change when I get around to leather oil. That tends to make leather a lot darker.
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