I'm currently looking for jobs on LinkedIn
So i came across this opening and i tried to apply there
The moment i reached their site , it says
The position is already filled
Date posted: 4th August, 2020 (on the company's website)
And the LinkedIn post also mentioned 4 hours ago only :/
Why do they do this?

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    Lazy dodging of public posting regulation. You could probably call them on it to the appropriate workforce authority.
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    @SortOfTested I don't see any hope in that either
    They haven't even sent me a machine generated "Thank You for your interest in ..." last momth when i applied for some other role there
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    @jackyou123 Why would you want to work at such a place?
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    @Root Because it's a well known product based company (maybe one of the top 10, not sure about it because different rankings have different metrics) and I'm just a fresh grad trying my hard luck out there
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    So, you mistagged your post, but in the entirely opposite way: Category correct, but joke/meme doesn't fit.

    Why tho lul
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    @kescherRant This is my first post/rant.
    I was just checking with the category tags :)
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    Afaik and from what I have seen, most positions in top companies are filled via references. You'll have a higher chance if you know someone that works there and can refer.

    On a different note, is it honeywell?
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    @sudocode I'm aware of referrals
    Still i try my luck if i can't manage to get one πŸ˜…
    It doesn't hurt to be optimistic i guess.

    It was SAP labs πŸ˜…
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    @jackyou123 Alright, All the best dude!
    Welcome to devRant as well.
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    @sudocode Thanks
    This community is good as it seems till now
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    @jackyou123 Yeaaah, Its different.

    Go get yourself an avatar, you have enough updoots now.
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    @sudocode thanks man
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    Another reason this often happens: the company is legally required / has a compliance policy that all job openings need to be posted ( [appear] not to engage in discrimination) although behind the scenes a relative/ friend of working personnel has already agreed to fill it.
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    @webketje most likely or probably any internal transfer
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