Visual programming makes for literal spaghetti code

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    I'm going to create a new sheep-oriented modeling language: EweML. It's ideal for fabric.
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    That's not spaghetti code, that's a spaghetti diagram
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    Here's a similar example from a different domain, the US strategy in Afghanistan. The results don't surprise me.
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    Haha, "strategy"
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    @SortOfTested The interesting aspect is that I'm pretty sure the coloured domains match the internal organisational setup the US have in that matter.

    That's also common in the industry, known as "process becomes product". The architecture of the product reflects the compay orgchart. If the setup isn't suited for a certain product, the failure becomes predictable.
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    That's Conway's Law. Any organization that designs a system will inevitably design a system that matches their communication structure.
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    I want to optimize that for minimal number of line crossings
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