Italian chef: We have the best spaghetti in the world
PHP developer: I doubt that

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    Brainfuck: Hold on, bitch
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    Python developers: hold my beer, I'll show you how it's done
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    LOLCODE developers: Hold my bagel. I'll do it.
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    My coworker using CSS: I'm gonna show you how its done.
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    Theres a difference between a PHP Developer and a PHP legacy code maintainer.
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    C++ developers: hold my macros and templates.
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    Assembly developer : what is food ?
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    Me: I like spaghetti
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    After years of laughing at muggles not understanding Java != JavaScript
    I'm afraid I have to point out
    Spaghetti != Spaghetti code

    Come on left hand is good right hand is not....
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    Hold my GOTO
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    New C++ Developers: HA! filthy casuals
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    C developer: my fork has a whole array of pointers.
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    I liked the joke, but downvoted due to wrong category tag.
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    C++ developer :collect this garbage
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    Ook dev: hold my banana
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    Lisp: spaghetti ain't Italian, I invented it ;)
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    French Dev’s: Hold my baguette
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    Malboge dev: now stfu and lemme show you how it's done.
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    Arch linux dev: BTW I use Arch
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    @Hagrid I feel that every php developer is legacy maintainer, I have one writing legacy code for new features!
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    Italian chef: "But I mean PASTA!"
    PHP dev: "Yeah, me too, copy PASTA!"
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    @devJs and I'm currently writing legacy code for new features into a legacy app so that at least I don't add a new/another extra flavor of spaghetti.
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    @Midnight-shcode its all good as long as code looks the same across the app

    when you introduce modern code in legacy app is where the shitstorm starts!
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    @devJs or when you're forced to introduce a "fuck off, will ya?!" code that does a direct plain ajax request onto the server, not using the fancy RequestManager that all of the original app uses, because THAT FUCKING SUPPOSEDLY GENERAL-USE CLASS BREAKS FOR WHATEVER REASON WHEN I TRY TO MAKE IT MAKE ONE EXTRA REQUEST THAT WASN'T IN THE ORIGINAL APP, AND AIN'T NO FRIGGIN HELL I'M WASTING TIME DEBUGGING THAT SHIT.
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