Fun experience backing up my laptop drice to external hdd :

1 folder : 100 sub folders with 12000 files, size 6gb
>> Ctrl A-> ctrl C -> ctrl v
>> Copying time 55 mins , files remaining 12000

>> add to archive (5 mins) -> ctrl c, ctrl v
>> copying time 6 mins , files remaining 1

(*Insert hackerman meme here*)

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    it took 72 hours for my shitbox desktop to compress 1.8TB of shit to like 400GB total, and this shit right here is annoying. Turns out NTFS sucks ass and overhead is real, no matter how much NVMe you cram into a stick.
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    @Parzi in my case , goal was not to compress efficiently but to transfer fastly. So i kept the compression level to fastest and not the highest (on the weird winrar scale of store>fastest>fast>good>high>highest compression)
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