Either I am dumb or the moon landings were fake.

I have another room on the same floor but on the other side of the coridor.

Now since the WFH is going to be extended (uptil next year or forever if we want, because my manager is cool), my employer offered to help us with infrastrucutre reimbursements.

The room we live in is street facing and has lot of noise and because of my meetings, parents also have to adjust a lot.

The other room is used by nobody, quiet and bright.

I decided to setup an Access Point in that room and use it as my personal 70 sq mt office. 😎

Now the ISP guy does the cable work. All up and running. I end my workday and head to setup the SSID and Password.

We had tested for default router SSID and Password, which worked.


I set the main and this AP with same SSID and Password (same encryption type), for seamless roaming.

I move to the main room, phone connects to main AP, internet works flawlessly.

I move to second room, phone connects to second AP, internet works flawlessly.

Laptop goes berserk. It works on main AP SSID/Password, but doesn't connect on the second one.

It still tries to connect to main even when I am standing next to the second AP which has stronger singal.


You guess the OS right. MS Windows 10.

How does it matter? You have the name, you have the password, you a stronger signal.


So I Google a bit and figured that technically the seamlessness is hypothetical when setting up multiple APs with same SSID/Password.

We fucking reached the moon yet I cannot connect to same network in another room?

Either I am dumb or the moon landings were fake.

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    So now I have decided to name my APs as below

    Routers of Rohan and Modems of Moria.
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    @F1973 Don't do that.

    Seamless roaming is a broken concept by design for many reasons.

    Mesh / Extender would be a better choice.
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    @IntrusionCM I tried range extender and it barely reaches 1/4th of original speed even when right next to the router.
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    @F1973 that's highly unusual.

    Have u looked up both models and checked for proprietary extensions?

    Most of the time that's the source for a lot of fuckity.
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    @IntrusionCM Host is D-Link and Extender (I got it new just yesterday) is TP-Link.

    My old router, which I am using as secondary AP, is Netgear.

    I guess with different SSIDs it should work by switching between both.
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    @F1973 Hm. I'd use the second router as an extender, but I'll guess....

    Both are original firmware?
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    @IntrusionCM yes. Haven't tampered anything.
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    It's always Rohan. Fuck that guy.
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    @SortOfTested Now I am started to doubt whether you are an Indian or not. Lol
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    Rohan is internationally renowned for the being that asshole who aligns his code block with the parens, no matter how many args he requires.
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    @SortOfTested I don't understand what Elvish you speak
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    Are you using the same subnet for both access points or are they on separate?

    Phones are usually much better at switching but computers might try to avoid it since a lot of solutions can fail if you move it around and break sessions.

    Probably configurable but I have never needed as mesh or similar is much easier.
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    @Voxera no, I didn't touch any subnet configuration.

    So whatever lies in default. I read a post which said giving each one a range would solve the issue but I doubted that.
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    Maybe one oft the routers has WPA3? WiFi devices will not connect to the same SSID with less security.
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    @sbiewald works for phone and not for laptop?

    I set both the password on same encryption level too.
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    Nice clickbait intro ;)
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