If this was a GIF it would denote my life at present.

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    make it 10 lines of boiler plate code 🤫
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    My personal record is a whole day on one line of code. To be fair it was a demon to deal with and I came up with a very elegant solution but that's still 7.5 hours on one thing lol 😂
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    100 lines here ,10x developer confirmed!!!

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    Depends if the 10 lines of code accomplish something. I hate leaving code in an incomplete state of some sorts. I either finish what I started or I keep coding. If I spend too much time on something and can't get it to work I'll just delete all the code I written before closing it for the day. I just can't leave a mess there... On the other hand if its 10 lines of code that actually finish what I set out to do than ye, I consider that a job well done and may or may not start working on the next thing right away
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    @Hazarth just enough code displayed on screen, so that the boss thinks you're busy.
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    @heyheni I also like to stare intently on the whiteboard where I just drawn something barely relevant to my current work (it has to be kinda related in case someone asks what you're doing)
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    Well, ain't much but it's honest work.
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