Wondering how to effectively stop procrastination? Any personal experiences

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    I have a few ideas to help! I'll send you tomorrow
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    I've been asking that same question for decades. Let me know when you solve it.
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    Have a job that feels like a hobby
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    I know right, I want to work but this damn procrastination is preventing me.
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    Set goals that make you happy in a way

    During quarantine I started becoming terrible with self management, then I wanted to gain weight (I'm skinny af) and do more exercise, so I focused on that, and everything else improved (work, sleep, etc)
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    Get a hobby
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    make a to-do list...
    with some scores corresponding to each item
    and put it somewhere you can easily see it
    once you've done one item, add its score to the total score
    and make a goal that you can get the score(e.g. 100)
    then work hard to approach to this target, until you achieve it

    then loop()
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    What works for me:
    - Isolate (e.g. turn off phone, social media, be alone in a room)
    - Make a list of only three things to do in order of importance for the day.
    - Give myself 30minutes to work on problem 1. Then short break. Then repeat intervals as needed to complete all tasks.
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    Get an image of what you’re working for and set it as wallpaper everywhere.
    I didn’t like my last job but because i wanted to buy a car i kept the job and so i put that car on wallpaper, so i am reminded why i need to go to work
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    dangerous tip:
    lock in
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