I have worked with VueJS for some time, and i like the fact that i can split html, js & scss.
Now i am going to work on a project with React, and i can’t find a propper answer on what is the best way to split the code there.
Does anyone have experience in this?

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    React doenst split the code in the same way. Rather it groups the code in separate modules/ components. It's a different style with the exact same possibilities
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    React is code there is no HTML is not JSX
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    Stylesheets can be split as you would expect, global or scoped. if you want to split as much as possible, then you can write templates using WebComponents and simply render them from a jsx/tsx file (I have only tested this small scale). Use react state management to control the inputs of the webcomponents.

    Not really the point though, you are supposed to not split.
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