Here’s the fully functional CPU I designed when I was 16. It’s 8bit and has its own assembly language.

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    Does it run Crysis?
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    @electrineer technically it can
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    @uyouthe what did you use for designing it. And if the files are. Still around, can you let us play around with it. Porting Doom to it should be possible.
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    @p100sch I used old labview. Files are in https://github.com/uyouthe/...

    Good luck lol, I can’t even open it anymore because I can remember absolutely nothing about labview and how to do this stuff. But I still probably can design a similar cpu out of triggers with pen and paper
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    I don't get it. Isn't this the overview of the overview of the overview how buses connect components in this cpu?
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    Hey I've buiuld a small OS when I was 16.

    Let's make it work on your CPU !
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    You got any learning ressources by Chance still laying around?
    All I find are like, academic papers, Not really fully understandable to my High School brain Just yet.
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    @Ranchu I learned all this in uni so unfortunately no
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    @nitwhiz oh, sorry, I should’ve posted the rant series with the full layout. Here’s the triggers, here’s the registers, here’s the command stack... ffs
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    You designed an 8 bit when you were 16 bit?

    Nice. Impressive.
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    @uyouthe hang on, Uni with 16?
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    @Ranchu we have a so-called “uninterrupted program” here in Russia, it allows getting into some unis after 9th grade instead of 11th
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    @uyouthe holy Shit, respect!
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    @uyouthe Nice work I thought I was doing good wiring one up
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    @Ranchu I think you'll find interesting a course in coursera that is called "From Nand to Tetris".
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    @Mandrake ooooohh, i'll Check it Out.
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