What is the dumbest, outrageous coding error you made? I had to spend a full week debugging once because I didn't use curly braces in an if statement. so much time for such a silly mistake.

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    I fixed a bug, but shit didn't work in testing. Turned out I forgot to recompile.
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    I fixed the code, recompiled it yet it didn't work. I didn't realize the files weren't saved 👿
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    Probably modifying a list while looping it in Python and not realising why weird stuff keeps happening
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    I was fixing a bug, and my changes had no effects...it took a long time to realise that I was looking at production instead of the branch I was working...
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    Hm. That's weird.

    Why is my workstation stuttering...

    32 GB RAM used... 2 GB Swap used.... Still incrementing.... Wtf?

    I made a booboo in a PHP generator function.

    I returned the wrong value - leading to a funny numbfuck state since that value was used for the loop condition around the generator function call.

    It's not so funny creating an endless object creation bomb with an ORM bound to it.
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    My build cleanup command didn’t navigate to the correct directory before doing a relative `rm -rf`. I was wondering why it was taking several times longer than I was expecting before I realized what was happening.

    Wiped out the project, unsaved changes, test builds, and node_modules. 😬

    Fortunately sublime still had the changes, and (most of) the rest of the project was on git, so all I needed to do was clone and run npm again — still, I felt really dumb.
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    @Root Well, could be worse. Like that time when Steam ran "rm -rf /" whenever it was launched with the wrong flags or environment variables.
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    @deadlyRants Ouch. Hadn’t heard of that.
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